A complete child self-development initiative in basic schools

Curriculum supplementation (Extra - curricular activities, leadership, talent grooming, sports) and educational welfare

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"Creating the tomorrow we envision"
Benjamin M. M. Hayford Project Head
Leadership Program

Our leadership program builds mental, and spiritual capacity of children and equips students with soft skills including team building, initiative taking, ideation, plan execution, and more.

Curriculum Supplementation

This section of operation equips students with hard skills in disruptive technologies and vocational training. Coding, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence

Education abroad

We have partnered with PEN GLOBAL, a leading educational consult in Ghana, to provide tuition and college application assistance to students interested in opportunities to study abroad at an enormous subsidy.

Scholarships and Donations

We provide accessibility to higher education through our wide range of scholarships and donations. There are different scholarship programs and each have their own eligibility criteria.

Talent Grooming

We provide a leading talent nurturing platform for students with talents, providing top notch coaching, branding and talent industry education to equip students with necessary tools and create an achievable pathway into mainstream industry.


Through The Kings’ League Youth Cup Sports with and the curriculum development and facilitation, we provide sports training for sports students and present them with a clear mainstream sports career pathway.


The initiative brings on board a cluster of projects on interim bases to enforce our vision and mission.


We aim to raise global impact makers

We aim to raise global impact makers by providing educational curriculum supplementation that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. We aim to equip the boy and girl children with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to make a positive difference in the world.

Enhancing Education

Fostering Leadership

Promoting Sports and Talent Development

Advancing STEM Education

Ensuring Educational Welfare

Developing Projects

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Successful Projects

Our Milestones

Secured over $786,000.00 in scholarships for students to study abroad through partner company, Pen Global, as part of our Education Abroad Campaign
Full Tuition Sponsorship for multiple Tertiary Students - Over GHC170,000.00 raised through donations
Leadership Training handed to over 1,200 youth between ages 14 and 27
Multiple Donations to multiple orphanages across Ghana. Also aided three members to start up their own foundations.
Our talent coaching programs has branded and coaches up to 8 artistes
Entrepreneurship mentorship provided for over 650 youth between ages 18 and 25; overseen the inception of over 50 start ups and aided over 25 individuals to secure permanent jobs from this membership
Started a Football Youth League that provides training sessions to nurture sports talents.
We have aided 3 community members to start up their own foundations
Developing Projects

Our Inclusive Programs

Introducing to you

Bishop Charisma Global Leaders' Scholarship

The Bishop Charisma Global Leaders Scholarship offers a range of invaluable benefits to deserving students. For qualifying students in tertiary education, the scholarship provides partial or full tuition coverage for an entire academic year, ensuring that financial limitations do not hinder their pursuit of higher education.